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Birthday season has begun


Well my Mom's birthday started it all on Jan 4th. I love her very much and miss my family (imagine that). Then on my birthday Emmie helped make the cake and the kids bought me a card that played the chicken dance, which they performed upon my opening the card...it was awsome. I have my hubby for over a week and the onle downsides have been a stomach flu, 2 migrains and now I have pink eye. I have never had pink eye before in my life and I am glad for this because this realy sucks. Today we're celebrating Katie's B-day. She was finally able to invite a group of giggling girls over for A Royal Tea...compleat with fancy dresses we got last night from the Goodwill last night....T-3hrs and 30min. I got a job offer for a $38,000.00 a year job in my old field. I'm not excited but can't pass it up if they give it to me. The up side is well have our own place up here soon so we can have visitors....I hope.
I realy miss you guys.


Always something new

So it was not until I came on to post this that I realized the previouse post...typed shortly after the New Year, never posted until I finished sending it thru just now...but well yeah....anyway.

I missed an entire day of work and spent hours in the ER of the "local" (and I mean the quotation marks with all possible sarcasum ) hospital today. I got my daily call from the nurse's office (not that daily calls are a school policy but my kids are usually in there on a daily basis) and Donna (the nurse and I are on a first name basis for the previously stated reasons) told me that today it was Katie and she said her ear hurt. When she looked into Katie's ear she could see something pinkish but didn't know what it was. The local clinic does not accept the HUSKY plan which the the state of CT's version of CHIP and sent me to the local hospital....thru 3 maybe four towns and up the side of a damned mountain....local, thank god no one was bleeding. In any case we sat in thier currently being renovated ER waiting room while the Triage Nurse fought with the computer to get Katie's name in right, then we were lead to a room and waited some more and finally a nice young man, that Miss Kate was quick to point out was bald, came in and looked into her ear. His ligting being better than either the school nurse's or my flashlight he could see the object wasn't pink (implying to me some kind of growth and the huge and horrible fears that thought brought to the fore) and deftly removed the bright orange object with a long pair of tweezers...to which Katie says excitedly "I know what that is! I had put those ear plugs in my ears years ago and I could not get that one out all the way. It didn't bother me so I never said anything."
I figure at this point I am still a head of my older borther and sister's mother because one of the last times Kay took Joe in for an X-ray the Dr. came out and asked her if she knew there was a bullet lodged in her son's knee, Joe was 16 at the time...the bullet was from when he was 8 years old and had taken some from my father's gun and placed them on a rock and was hitting them with a hammer to see if he could make tham go off...at least one did, and he knew he'd get into trouble so he never said anything either.
So yeah, something just don't change.

Love you all very much and miss you all more

BTW 2 extra stories..an Emmie and a Nori story

Emmie and I had gone to lunch with my mother-in-law, my father-in0law and Patrick my 2 year old nephew (Pattie's son). Patrick had dropped his crayon and Emme, quick as a flash said "I'll get it" and was off the booth and under the table. My mother-in-law said to Patrick trying to prompt him to say thank you.."What do you say to Emily Patrick?"...Patrick said "Don't hit your head Emily."

Nori amd Gabe are Stevie (my niece's) two older children...Gabe is 5, Nori 2. Stevie teachers her children to communicate with sign languege before and during trying to teach them to speak. Gabe and Nori were having a dispute over a kid's couch that lead to a minor physical scuffle and Gabe being 5 won. Nori then turns to Pam and signs 'Gabe poop'...deftly calling her brother a shit for the first time at the age of 2.

Well that is all here for now.

Hi everybody;

I have been busy trying to make a real life for me and the kids and have found in the process I had no life at all...imagine that. In any case I do nothing but work when i can, stay on top of dishes, laundy and other what nots, do homeowkr club and I am in bed with Emmie and the other children by 8:30pm. I know, I'm so lame. I had my hubby for the holidays though and that was wonderfull but honestly I am not sure how much more of this I can take. The pay off is the kids are doing realy well in school...or at least i can see advancement in this small 2 month period, and they are safe and happy. I miss you guys terribly. X-mass was a blessing this year though. Cheistmas eve my mother in law and I had set everything out under the tree and when all was done I was sent off to bed...Mom went to turn the front light out and noticed the lights in her car were on. She goes out to turn them off and finds 5 huge realy nice cloth X-mass sacks (not bags, sacks) one for each kid and one for Mat and I...and other assorted prezzies and we have no idea where they came from or who did it. These were some awsome things too...Bazz got a winter coat from Cabelas, Emmie a My Little Pony castle that grows to three stories, the girls got clothes, jewlery and other things...I got clothes, Cat ofcourse got a D&D game (lol) and a gift card to Kohls. In any case it was realy increadible. On a far mor personal note though Cat and his brother Chris (who he has been mutually estranged from since they were in thier teens) reconciled the day before New Years eve...which btw we were all sent to bed at 10:30pm. Well I guess that is as much cath up as i can do right now. The little Italina Tornado has finally conceeded to my refusel to return to group homes...kind of, but that is an on-going battle as well. My plan right no since what I am doing can't garuntee me 40hrs a week is to get a a bobo job until the income tax return, get all my early childhood certifications ASAP with that and get a job in the field I love until such time as I get my AS, which will lead to a BS and maybe get sunstituting positions etc...once i get that far (prior BS, post AS) Oh well. Please rmemebr silence or no that I love you all very much.

Love Susie

Funny Emmie

This morning Emmie noticed that Casey (the cat) utilized the litter box appropriately by "pooping" in it. Both Rose and I responded with "Well, yes everybody poops." (almost identical (lol). In any case she was so amazed that we had to tell Grammie all about it and Grammie laughed, said much the same thing and added she was on her way to the bathroom to do the same. Emmie very seriously told her Grammie that she was not allowed to use the litter box because that was reserved for the cat.


So, does something weird...maybe hormonal (almost spelled it hormanal and that may be accurate)happen to boys at the age of 9? Maybe it's the move, maybe it's having me as the new hard ass, maybe it's just him but Bazz has been one hell of a handful since we got here. A whole 72 hours have gone by and he's gone from his own space with a TV in the basement to rooming with me and Emmie because he's no good on his own. He has stolen food (opened cans of tuna with a fork) coped serious attitude with me, taken off and had a number of violent temper tantrums. This is not my kid and as much as he looks like him I want my sweet little boy back. Well that having been said the kids should start school tomorrow thank goodness and I'm still job hunting and looking into places to live. I get to go looking around later today so I'll keep you all posted.

All my love

We're Heeeeere!

Hi All;
We arrived safe and sound. All is well, we waved at the exits that would lead us to all of you as we drove past....The Bunny, Becky, Sarah and Jergan exit 1st...then Unlce Con and Aunt Cheryl, then lastly Ahmmo (?) Hatim and Uncle Gowan. We love you all very much but I think the kids are excited to be starting out new.

Love you all

Off to the great beyond

Well everyone
I love you all very much. it has been a long and hard day saying good bye to peoples around town. But onto my whole reason for doing this...another Emmie story.

We're on our way home from work to get the crew and head off to family night at physical therapy and Emmie says to me.."Mom,...Mom,....Mom I feel like hell." So I struggled desperatley to keep from laughing and tried to acertain what was wrong and if it was serious. "Why baby, do you hurt? What is wrong?" "Nothing I just feel like hell." (snort, duck head, choke) "Ok babe are you sick, do you have a headache, what?" "No, I'm just tired."
I think I still have burst veins from the great mounds of self control I was throwing about while trying to keep my car on the road (LOL)


love you

Happy Halloween

I hope everyone had a as good a night as we did. Emie was again awesome but then again....Let's see, Katie was a princess, Bazz was NOT Robin hood...really he wasn't, Rose was an "anemia school girl" and yes she and Danielle have reached the too cool to hang with the little kids age so they went off on their own. Highlights were as follows...
I spent the day in my (actually Bunny's) jammies as a little kid, my freckles had worn off by the time it was time to do the night time rounds. I had thought it would have been five years from now before i was borrowing make up from my nephew Sean (lol) Oh well....This whole town goes all out and one house always has a haunted house, well this time Emmie had Daddy take her in instead of me, it didn't go any better than last year (when she told the big black robed guy with the flashing red eyes she was just three for the chocolate) However when asked if she was ok to continue trick or treating she stated that "Yes" she wanted to get more candy but "No" she was not going to "any more creepy houses". She further extrapolated ALL THE WAY HOME about the guy who jumped out from behind the curtain and how scary was not fun for babies and the did not like scary houses with people who jump out from behind curtains..add nausem (lol. We had fun visiting and trick or treating with family. All is well on that home front right now any way.
Know you are all loved

Spegehttio's Mutate

So on the ride home today Emmie mentioned casually that a noddle fell out of her nose. Knowing she had Speghettios for lunch I inquired how the said 'O' got up there in the first place. her first response is that it grew little wheels and zoomed up there, followed by explanations of falling "up" or rolling "up". When i explained to her that those excuses would not fly due to gravity she then told me the noodle grew hands and feet and climbed her face.

I'm not sure I'm into a lunch that is that interactive ;)